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Problems with Scrum?

ProblemIs your company cannibalising itself over how to apply Scrum?Is everyone in your company trying to out-master each other at Scrum by sending links they found on google back and forward?About the guy who’s article you are about to read to get s

Jun 20, 2020

Start your project strong!

Initiating a project right is a big part of it´s success. I would like to review main goals of this process. By the way, I was using this knowledge when starting Obiwansoft instagram account, it is also a project of some sort.The goals that I mention

Jun 20, 2020

Experience with PERT estimations

When I was starting my career as a Scrum master, I worked in a big international company that was normally using a waterfall model. As you can imagine, it was a difficult path to integrate Agile in our IT projects and my team had yet to discover what

Jun 20, 2020