Aneto's WBS Work breakdown structure app for Jira - Press release

Aneto Software Rolls Out A Product For Collaborative Project Planning - “The Aneto Work Breakdown Structure App For Jira”

This App augments the Jira project management system by allowing the project managers to breakdown the projects using WBS in a collaborative way with the project team. This is the first App in Jira that is a custom made WBS App for certified professional project managers PMP®.

Sheridan, Wyoming, August 29, 2021,Successful projects require collaborative project planning as well as real-time data immediately available to the team. There is a reason why Aneto Software is the leading developer of Apps which are designed to work seamlessly with Atlassian Jira to streamline and simplify project and product management.

Their recent highly anticipated App release, “The Aneto Work Breakdown Structure App For Jira” will not disappoint professional project managers. In fact, this App has received nothing but rave reviews after its release. The App is the essence of collaborative planning. Watch the project plan evolve in front of one’s eyes as project team members break down and estimate the tasks in real time.

Some of the Features & Benefits:

  • Create WBS tree templates so that users can get their project plan started very quickly.
  • Set the permissions so that only project team members have visibility to the project.
  • Send a project link to the project team members so that they can start collaborating right away.
  • See the WBS tree grow in front of one’s eyes as other team members add work packages and activities to the project.
  • See the project estimate in real-time as team members add estimations in: Original estimate, Story points or PERT calculation.
  • Use Pre-Defined WBS Project Templates: Using the Aneto WBS templates, users can define the base structure of their projects by defining the initial issues, including initiatives, Epics, stories and tasks, and subtasks.
  • Import and Sync your WBS With Jira: Users can synchronize their WBS project tree with Jira so that it is always up to date. They can even start and synchronize their WBS project tree from a Jira filter.

User Testimonials certainly support the fact that this App has been received with open arms. Take a look at what Alexandr M., a Verified User, has to say, “Spin up a project from a template, send the link of the project to the project team, start breaking down the projects, estimate all tasks. Beautiful.”

Maksym K., another Verified User, made these comments, “We are having a lot of fun planning projects with this app, it feels like a game.” And Alena M., “As a certified PMP project manager, I totally recommend this app. It’s great.”

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30th Aug 2021