Start your project strong!

Start your project strong!

Initiating a project right is a big part of it´s success. I would like to review main goals of this process. By the way, I was using this knowledge when starting Obiwansoft instagram account, it is also a project of some sort.

The goals that I mentioned below should be necessary for most of the projects, but also can vary, depending on the project nature. Project managers must adapt processes for specific projects, but carefully, not missing any crucial components.


1. Understand the reason why a project was initiated, because outcome of a project should meet these strategic objectives. Make sure you know what your company wants to accomplish and include it in the project charter. Examples can be: cost reduction, entering a new market, integrating new technology.

2. Identify stakeholders and their expectations, as well as influence, impact and objectives. This information will help to oversee possible conflicts of interest, priorities and simplify requirements gathering.

3. Review and understand the business case. Do you have a business case? Ask for one! If the client has difficulty creating one for you, give them a proper support and also feedback. You will prevent some headaches if your client provides this important data during initiation, and not planning.

4. Gather processes, procedures and historical information. Have your company done such projects before? Access that historical information and learn on their mistakes.

5. Find out initial requirements, risks, constrain and agreements. This will create a strong base for planning process and provide information for the next goal.

6. Assess project and product feasibility. Yes, this is a part of your role as a project manager! You should be aware of all red flags and have enough experience to identify a raw deal.

7. Think about possible team members. Do you have experience working with some great specialist before? Then go and book them in advance!
Develop project charter and assign a project manager. A proper project charter has high-level planning of the project and gives you the project manager super powers.

Share your own experience with me! What works for you best during project initiation?

2nd Feb 2021